What is in the Complex?


The Company’s Processing Complexes


The field crop complex, which is located in kibbutz and moshav regions in the South, concentrates all the activity linked to cultivating the agricultural produce.

Most of the processing, all types of unique combines takes place in these plants and it has all the tools for transporting and storing the produce.


The company has special tools developed according to its personnel’s knowhow, including for gathering corn for consumption and gathering onions.

The company has equipment for conveying the produce from the cultivation areas, unique tools, storage containers, haulage trucks.


The Storage House and Refrigeration Complex


The storage house complex includes 2 advanced packaging arrays:


The new most advanced packaging array in the country. In this packing array most of the citrus fruit varieties are sorted electronically and automatically.

The citrus that is appointed for export, is getting sorted and packed using this advanced machine. It provides an excellent quality.


The old generation array that, inter alia, serves for packaging and treating especially large fruit such as pomelo and the citrus for the local market.


The refrigeration setup includes rooms for storing produce on pallets and deep-freezer rooms with temperatures of -18°C.


The Refrigeration Setup:


The company has a most modern freezing house, which includes a unique storage set up. Here up to 5000 pallets or 12,000 Dolev containers can be stored. The refrigeration house serves for storing the company’s produce, which is cultivated over long periods from which the fruit or vegetable varieties are sent for direct marketing or packing.


There are storage rooms for deep freezing in the refrigeration house.


The following are also to be found at the site:


A setup for washing and packing beetroot and turnips

A setup for packing corn


A setup for packing onions

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